The Saskatchewan Broomball Association believes that physical activity and sport participation provides positive developmental and healthy outcomes in terms of physical, cognitive, social and emotional domains. 

We recognize that many physical activities have an inherent risk of concussion and that sport-related concussions are a significant public health issue.  We are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for sport participation. 

To that end, we have created this Concussion Management Protocol to increase awareness of concussion in sport, reduce the incidence of concussion, and ensure the early recognition and appropriate management of concussion in our athletes.  We will share this protocol with all participants in our organization and strive to have all athletes follow the Concussion Management Protocol for safe return to learn and play. 

This Concussion Management Protocol provides information on concussion prevention, identification of a suspected concussion, and management procedures for a suspected and diagnosed concussion including return to learn and return to play guidelines.  The proper management of a concussion is more important than any game.  “There will be another game - you only have one brain”.


Saskatchewan Broomball Association -
Concussion Management Protocol 2018 - Click Here



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