BTC (Broomball to Compete) Workshop


Step 1:
Register through your Broomball Provincial/Territorial Association

Step 2:
Making Ethical Decisions Multi-Sport Module
- 3.5 hour workshop available through the NCCP Provincial/Territorial Coaching Representatives.

Step 3:
BTC Workshop (2.5 days)
Introduction to Coaching Broomball
Teaching and Learning Broomball
Broomball Skills/Tactics Development
Planning a Broomball Practice

- The workshop will prepare the coach to lead a competitive program where athletes can experience broomball in a fun and supportive setting.  In addition, the workshop covers how to set up a safe practice environment and lead appropriate practice activities  for athletes beginning into competition. 

Once these steps are complete = TRAINED BTC Coach




Step 1:
Register through your Broomball Provincial/Territorial Association

Step 2:
BTC Portfolio:
          - Three Lesson Plans
          - EAP and Emergency Contact
          - Skills analysis assignment
          - Completed Self Assessment
          - Completed Peer Assessment

Step 3:
Formal Observation
- Observation of coaching in practice setting in person or on video

Step 4:
MED Online Evaluation
- Competition Introduction version

Once these steps are complete = CERTIFIED BTC Coach



- Certification will be for a five year period after registration as "Certified".  Certiciation will be maintained provided the coach has been active for two years of the five year period and has obtained three professional development credits during the certification period. 

- Professional development credits are defined and outlined in Appendix 9 of the Broomball Canada's NCCP Operations Manual.


Saskatchewan Clinics


OCTOBER 18-20, 2019 - Location TBD

BTC Workshop & Evaluation (Package) - $300 
Making Ethical Decisions (MED) Online Training - $85


Each workshop will have a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 15 participants.
Participants must be 16 years of age and over.