About Us


The Saskatchewan Broomball Association is a Provincial Sport Organization that provides leadership and guidance to develop and promote the sport of Broomball at all skill levels.



The Saskatchewan Broomball Association represents an amateur recreational sport that will establish a unique environment, thereby experiencing respect, fun, fitness, and life-long social relationships.



We believe that the sport of Broomball is fun for all participants and that this will encourage participation and help promote the sport.

Broomball is a gender, age, and family friendly sport that encourages participants to feel a sense of belonging.

Participation for All 
Broomball provides the participant the opportunity to set goals and compete at all ages and skill levels.

Uniqueness of Our Sport 
Broomball is a unique winter pastime that anyone can play.

We behave according to high moral standards in accordance with the organization's rules of conduct and ethics.

We work together to achieve the goals of the organization.

We believe in fairness, on and off the ice, characterized by equality, integrity, and trust.

We believe in honest and open communication and respect for the views, roles and contributions of all participants.